Rev Robbie Parsons of Genesis Defense Ministries will be speaking on Creation Sunday, Feb 13, 2011 at Rock Branch Independent Church in Nitro, WV  for both the morning and evening worship services.

Schedule as follows:

11:00 AM – The Never Changing Lie (sermon):

From Genesis 3, we will examine the original lie of Satan “You will be like gods” and how he has perpetuated this same religion down through the centuries.  He has incorporated this same lie through history in promoting evolution and, recently, the big bang theory.  And now, the enemy has infiltrated our seminaries and churches with this same lie.

7:00 PM – The Heavens Declare His Glory (powerpoint):

This powerpoint presentation examines the planets in our solar system.  We discover some interesting facts about each of our planets that shows how God was creative in His work.  We will also discover interesting facts about our planets that disprove the big bang theory and an old universe.  We will learn that the heavens truly declare His glory!


Rock Branch Independent Church is located at:

133 Cross Lanes Dr.
Nitro, WV 25143

Phone: 304.755.1364
Fax: 304.755.1939

You can check out Genesis Defense Ministries on facebook at: