We realize that some churches may not want to wait until Feb 12, 2012 to have their very first Creation Sunday. Some of you want to get started right now! You want to make a stand for the historical veracity of God’s Word, to dedicate your church to the truth of Biblical authority and to let folks in your area know there is a church in their area who affirms God’s Word from the very first word. We see no reason why anyone should have to wait!

Back in 2009, we came up with the Summer of Creation initiative to blunt the impact of that so-called Year of Evolution. We encouraged churches to hold Creation conferences, Creation VBS programs, Creation youth camps, Creation Sundays and trips to their local Creation museums during Summer 2009. We invite you to do the same thing this year. This will help strengthen your church’s faith in the enduring integrity of God’s Word – from the Very First Word!

We’d like to point out that many churches find themselves ministering to out-of-school youth during the Summer. Most churches host at least one Vacation Bible Schoolprogram during the Summer months. Why not host one with a Creation theme? This is a perfect opportunity to evangelize. Our children only hear one side of the Origins argument in public school. This is the perfect opportunity to present them with the other side of the argument, the side that better fits the evidence – Biblical Creation and Catastrophism!

Again, this is the perfect time to bolster the faith of our Christian youth and to share the truth of Creation with public school children! While we take advantage of this opportunity to show them that they can trust God’s Word from the very first word, we can use that foundation to share the Good News of Salvation by Jesus Christ the Creator!

Visit our Summer of Creation Resource page for ways you can participate!