Calvary Missionary Baptist Church will celebrate a Creation Sunday on Sunday, February 15, 2015. The church is located at 10346 Fairfax Street, Jacinto City, TX 77029. Additional information about our church can be found on the church’s website at

The following announcement appears on their website:


Special Services devoted to the truth of God’s creation of all things
Beginning at 10:00 AM. SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES for all ages. Kid’s activities about God’s creation of the dinosaurs as well as all life on earth. Film about creation in the worship hall. After the regular worship service which begins at 11:00 AM, there will be lunch and fellowship at Noon. Following lunch will be another movie and special singing. EVERYONE is invited.”

I  encourage you to attend this Creation Sunday celebration if you’re in the area, and to lift up Calvary Missionary Baptist Church for their unashamed stand for the historical veracity and ultimate authority of God’s Word!

-Tony Breeden