Jay Seegert, co-founder and principal lecturer for the Creation Education Center, will be speaking on Creation Sunday (Feb 15) 2015 at Living Word Church in Miami, FL. The church is located at 3175 SW 25 Street, Miami, FL  33133.

Sunday engagement.

9:00 AM      Creation, Evolution & the Authority of Scripture

11:00 AM    Creation vs. Evolution: The Case from Science

For more information about the Creation Education Center, go to http://cecwisc.org

I  encourage you to attend this Creation Sunday event if you’re in the area, and to lift up Living Word Church as they affirm the historical veracity of the Genesis Account of Creation! Apparently, this was a 3-day event that ran the whole of Creation Weekend but we found out about it a bit too late! We apologize for the lateness of the posting.

-Tony Breeden