Answers in Genesis held an Answers Conference during Creation Weekend on Saturday (Feb 14)  2015 at the River Centre in Tonbridge, Kent. The event was located at Medway Wharf Road, TONBRIDGE, Kent TN9 1RE, UK.

Presentation schedule was as follows:

2:00 pm – Bodie Hodge – Creation v. Evolution: Is Genesis Relevant?

3:30 pm – Prof. Stuart Burgess – Why Biblical Creation is Good Science

5:30 pm – Bodie Hodge – The Tower of Babel

7:00 pm – Brian Edwards – Evidence for the Bible

I apologize for the lateness of this notice. This one’s basically for the record books and as proof that God is omniscient and I ain’t! I encourage you to lift up Bodie Hodge, Brian Edwards, Professor Burgess, and Answers in Genesis as they continue to make a stand for the historical truth of Genesis!

-Tony Breeden