Defending Genesis

pigNsheepsclothingAtheist Michael Zimmerman is promoting his Evolution Weekend as an example of reasoned, civilized discourse. Writing for the HuffPo, Zimmerman claims that:

“Thousands upon thousands of Christian clergy members, from Baptists to Quakers and from Methodists to Episcopalians, Lutherans, Roman Catholics and many more, have stated as clearly as possible that their religion and modern biology, including evolution, are fully compatible. They have been joined in this movement by Buddhist, Jewish and Unitarian Universalist clergy. These men and women of faith have come together, despite their theological differences, to embrace the knowledge and wisdom that humans have discovered over the years. And they have done so in a manner that is fully respectful of their religious diversity. Indeed, they welcome meaningful discussion and treasure learning about their differences.

Discussion, dialogue and discourse are so central to members of The Clergy Letter Project that each year on the anniversary of the…

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