Ken Ham & Dr. Gary Parker will be speaking during Creation Weekend [Feb 10 – Feb 11] 2013 in Mobile, AL

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Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and Dr. Gary Parker will be speaking on Creation Sunday, Feb 10, 2013 and Monday, Feb 11, 2013 at Dauphin Way Baptist Church in Mobile, AL.

More information is available at  http://www.answersingenesis.org/outreach/event/Mobile2013/.

Dr. Don Batten will be speaking during Creation Weekend on Saturday [Feb 11] 2012 in Birkdale, Queensland, Australia

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Dr. Don Batten, speaker for Creation Ministries International, will be speaking on Saturday, Feb 11, 2012  during Creation Weekend at Birkdale Baptist Church in Birkdale, Queensland, Australia.

Event details:

9.00am public meeting, Birkdale Baptist Church
1 Jones Rd, Birkdale

  • Creation to the New Creation
  • Creation: the Facts of Life

(Registrations required. To register phone Bruce Beard on 3219 2010, Cost: $25.00 for adults; $15.00 for students; $55.00 for family of 3 or more).

A Bible-Affirming Church in Lawrenceville, GA to hold a Creation Seminar on Saturday, May 21, 2011

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Today was a very busy day here at CreationSundays.com. Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis was kind enough to mention us in his daily blog. We’ve garnered a lot of positive attention from the post (and some negative, of course, but those guys are negative about Biblical Christianity in general), but I wanted to pass this one along to you:

“Tony, I have been looking over your site after reading about it in Ken Ham’s Around the World Newsletter. I was not aware of the Evolution Sunday history, so I appreciated your bringing it to my attention and the attention of others. How sad it is to see so many compromising the truth of God’s Word in this way!

I am the pastor of a small confessional church in the Atlanta area that is part of a small synod of conservative Lutheran churches known as the Church of the Lutheran Confession. I have been planning a Creation Sunday – not knowing all of what you mention here, so am more motivated to do it now.

For your information (you can post this on you blog if you would like) our congregation is planning a Creation/Evolution seminar at the end of this month at our church (Saturday, May 21, 2011 at 2:00pm). You can find more about it at http://www.creationorevolution.info if you are interested. I have many resources on creation, and I will look for them and send them to you if you are interested. Please feel free to contact me.

Pastor Nathanael Mayhew
Zion Lutheran Church,
Lawrenceville, GA
One of the purposes of CreationSundays.com is to allow churches the chance to make a stand for Biblical authority so we can let folks know there’s a Bible-affirming church in their area. We do hope that Pastor Mayhew leads his church in celebrating a Creation Sunday on February 12, 2012; it certainly looks like he’s already off to a good start!
And if you’re reading this, Pastor Mayhew, we could use a few Creation-themed sermons if you have some you could spare…
God bless and stay in the Word,

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