Crosstalk Radio Interviews Highlight Creation Sunday and Question Evolution Day

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Yesterday, Crosstalk radio host Jim Schneider interviewed Jay Seegert, co-founder and principal lecturer for the Creation Education Center, and Bob Sorenson, founder of Question Evolution Day.

The interview discussed the lies and misrepresentations of athiest Dr. Michael Zimmerman’s Christian Clergy Letter, discussed Evolution Weekend and the need to keep the Bible as our ultimate authority and starting point, and gave an invitation for viewers to learn more about the Creation Education Center, Question Evolution Day and [our thanks to Bob Sorenson] Creation Sunday.

You can listen to the MP3 audio of the broadcast and explore links relevant to the program at http://www.vcyamerica.org/blog/2013/02/06/evolution-weekend

For more information about Question Evolution Day, go to http://www.piltdownsuperman.com/p/question-evolution-video.html

For more information about the Creation Education Center, go to http://cecwisc.org

February 8-10, 2013: Creation Weekend versus Evolution Weekend

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Frank Schoenbach, a good friend of this ministry and Director of Discerning for the Truth Ministries, has written an excellent piece comparing and contrasting Creation Weekend and Evolution Weekend, demonstrating why we we need a Savior and why we ought to hold the Bible as our ultimate authority. It also contains a good breakdown of Evolution Weekend support [denominations, numbers, etc] in the great state of Wisconsin.

Creation Weekend versus Evolution Weekend 2012 by Frank Schoenbach

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Here’s a great article from Frank Schoenbach that comments on Creation Weekend versus Evolutions Weekend 2012 with specific notes on churches in Wisconsin that are participating in Evolution Weekend this February 10-12th.

Read the entire article at: http://preacherfrank.wordpress.com/2012/02/01/february-11-12-creation-weekend-versus-evolution-weekend/



Answering a Disrespectful Critic: Creation Sunday, the American Christian Taliban & the R-Word


On the eve of last year’s Creation Sunday, a critic from the blog Darwin Killed God at blogspot, was furious to discover that churches were dedicating a service to the doctrine of Biblical Creation.

His rant begins:

“I have to admire America’s Christian Taliban. There is no group of people more proud of their breathtaking stupidity.

Theistic evolutionists are evolution deniers because there’s no theistic [expletive] in evolutionary biology. Magic is not a mechanism of evolution. For this reason I have nothing but contempt for the preachers who signed the pro-evolution Clergy Letter Project because always they pollute the foundation of biology with their idiotic superstitious belief in a magic god fairy. They invoke god to guide, use, or invent evolution, as if a natural process couldn’t possibly work without a fairy’s magic wand. It’s impossible to be more stupid than these [expletive] unless of course you’re part of the American Christian Taliban like this drooling moron (Reverend Tony Breeden). It’s difficult to imagine how totally insane and [R-word*] a person has to be to throw out all of science to defend an ancient holy book full of childish [expletive]. This subhuman’s career depends on it. If he wasn’t an idiot he would have to get a real job.”

Note first that this evolutionist has zero respect for the useful idiots who’ve signed atheist Dr Michael Zimmerman’s pro-evolution Clergy Letter Project. Unlike some who skirt the issue of the incompatibility of microbes-to-man evolution with Biblical Christianity, this critic correctly notes that fish-to-philosopher evolution is an all-natural process that leaves no place for God. In fact, molecules-to-man evolution is an essential component of the all-natural origins myth. Thus, this critic and I would agree that theistic evolution is an oxymoron. Some folks say that evolution [a purely naturalistic process whereby life develops without the need for God] and creation [whereby life comes about by the direct action or fiat of God] are not diametrically opposed. Even in defining the terms [something an evolutionist will rarely do precisely because it so effectively destroys his own argument], it becomes obvious that evolution and creation are indeed diametrically opposed.
Of course, then this critic charges the CreationLetter.com and CreationSundays.com as being a part of the “American Christian Taliban.” Of course, this is simply ludicrous. Unlike the real Taliban no one here is America is forcing anyone else to do anything they don’t want to. Christophobes worry that some of us Christians who actually believe the Bible are interested in setting up a theocracy, but this isn’t the case. We do wish to retun America to a place where it is as tolerant of Christianity as it is an atheistic minority. This inequity of tolerance and progressive legal marginalization of the majority religion in America is frankly unAmerican! This being beside the point that no one is forcing any preachers out there to sign the Creation Letter or to dedicate their church service this coming February 12, 2012 to the Biblical doctrine of Creation. It’s simply a false comparison that betrays the critics fear and hatred of Christianity more than anything else.
This critic also makes the mistake of assuming that I am somehow making a living at this. Creation ministry and Gospel preaching are, well, ministries. Like a lot of good clergy in Appalachia, those I minister to cannot afford to support me so I kind of already have a job besides. I’m not in it for the money and I openly rebuke TV play actors like Joel Osteen and the cast of Trinity Broadcast Network for being so transparantly materialistic.
One of the last things that you’ll note about his criticism is that he uses the R-word. [In fact, he uses it and other expletives on his site to such an extent that I don’t feel comfortable linking this post to the original post!] By this I mean he uses the word retarded or retard as an insult [evolutionists also use the term “Creatard,” a combination of the words Creationist and retard]. It is grievously insensitive and hateful to use someone else’s disability as an insult. Furthermore, it is clear how the critic views persons with mental retardation, for in the same breath he spouts the words “insane,” “idiot,” and “subhuman.” It’s sad when evolutionists and atheists dehumanize persons with mental retardation by insulting others with this disrespectful use of their disability as an insult. It’s even more deplorable when conservatives like Ann Coulter [who should know better, even when refering to arch-evolutionist Richard Dawkins] use the R-word. Persons with mental retardation are made in the image of God… in a fallen world. They did nothing to cause their own disability; they’re simply products of Adam’s curse. When Adam sinned against God and incurred His righteous judgment, the rest of the cosmos suffered alongside him. Adam had been given dominion over all creation and when a king makes a mistake, his whole kingdom suffers. Yet just because they suffer more obvious affects of the Fall does not negate the fact that they are made in the image of God and are therefore worthy of dignity, courtesy and respect. Of course, the evolutionist knows this because his conscience [God’s law written upon his heart] convicts him of sin when he says such things… at least until his conscience becomes seared as with a hot iron from repeated ignoring of it! But in the atheistic and evolutionary worldview, he has no non-arbitrary moral basis for not using someone else’s disability as an insult. In the evolutionary view of survival of the fittest [Darwin’s 4th postulate], a person with mental retardation is subhuman for human beings are judged not by their intrinsic value but by their contributive value to society. Stephen Jay Gould noted the evolutionary notion of recapitulation was the basis of Dr. Down’s decision to label Down syndrome as “mongoloid idiocy” because he thought it was a throwback to the “Mongoloid stage” of human evolution. Gould also noted that the erm Mongoloid was first applied to persons with mental disabilities because it was then commonly believed that the Mongoloid race was not as highly evolved as the Caucasian race. Thus evolutionary thinking served as a justification for white racism and mistreatment [even sterilization] of persons with mental disabilities. Compare this with the biblical worldview, where persons with mental retardation or any other disability are worthy of dignity, courtesy and respect because according to God’s revealed Word in Genesis they are made in the image of their Creator God.
We at CreationSundays.com strongly encourage you to get involved in the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign at http://r-word.org, an on-going effort to raise the consciousness of society about the dehumanizing and hurtful effects of the word “retard(ed)” and encourage people to pledge to stop using the R-word. The campaign is intended to get schools, communities and organizations to rally and pledge their support.
We also urge you to sign the Creation Letter today, affirming the historical veracity of God’s revealed Word from the very first word, and to begin making plans with your church to dedicate this February 12, 2012 to the doctrine of Biblical Creation!

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