The following article by Felice Gerwitz was originally posted in 2009 in reaction to atheist Dr. Michael Zimmerman’s Evolution Sunday.

Fact or Fiction? You Decide!

By Felice Gerwitz
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“What can one person do?”

That is a question I’ve often asked of the Lord. Yes, I know the Holy Scriptures are full of cases of one person who did the Lord’s bidding and changed history. Yet, I’m sure you’d join with me in acknowledging that I fall far short of the attributes of any Biblical hero. Still, I continue to cry out wondering if anyone hears me. I know I tend to be melodramatic but sometimes it is the only resort I have left. You’ll see what I mean when you read the following.

Well meaning friends, customers and recipients of this newsletter keep me well informed as to the state our world is in… that is in regard to evolution. This month was no exception. I was sent an article as it appeared in the February 13, 2006 New York Times; the article is “At Churches Nationwide, Good Words for Evolution” by Neela Banerjee and Anne Berryman. In a nutshell it explained that “Evolution Sunday” was celebrated by many churches. Pastors preached that evolution should be embraced and there was no conflict in believing this and being a Christian. Is there something wrong with this teaching from the pulpit, or is it just me? Why isn’t there an uproar among all Christians? Why aren’t we beating the bongo-drums of the internet and sending emails protesting this to the Churches practicing such a wrong, wrong event? Why isn’t there a grass roots movement among Creationists (like the petitions I sign online to protest other atrocities against Christianity) to protest this outrage?

It is one thing for people to hear evolution spouted as truth by those in the field of science. They can either believe it or ignore it knowing that these people don’t have the well being of their eternal souls in mind when they teach. But, what about men of God?

What are his responsibilities to his flock? I know each of us should be responsible for ourselves and study God’s word, his moral laws, and arm ourselves daily with the armor of God to resist the “arrows of the enemy.” Still, I am saddened to read that churches would celebrate evolution.

This month, Jill’s article on Creation centers on evolutionary hoaxes of the past. (For more detailed information see: Creation Science: A Study Guide to Creation.) Many times I read about these and I think (as you possibly do), how could the people of the day believe such nonsense. Well today, we believe much more because of what the intellectual community teaches us as truth. In South Korea a prominent scientist doing stem cell research fudged his findings. He showed an amazing breakthrough that his fellow Korean scientists were not able to replicate. It brought him wide acclaim and personal advancement. It was later found (after two years) that the scientist’s findings were false (which explained why others were not able to replicate them) and his career is over. But what damage has been done by his fraudulent data on stem cells? All we hear about from the science community and popular media stars are the wonders of embryonic stem cells and how valuable they would be to cure diseases. (Human stem cells have been proven effective, while embryonic stem cells have yielded disastrous and painful results to their recipients.) According to CNN this was the largest science scandal in history.

I humbly beg to differ. I propose that the greatest science scandal in history is teaching evolution as a truth. For years, scientists have emphasized that those who believe in Creation are uneducated, fundamentalist Christians and fanatics. Evolution on the other, hand is a belief that any “well educated” person would admire, and is considered a thinking man’s science.That, my friends is the greatest hoax of our time.

And at what cost has this hoax wrought for our times? We live in a pagan culture with modernism as a god. Many don’t or won’t, take the time to really study what evolution teaches. It teaches that “educated persons should believe that Creation, as stated in Genesis, is a fable for children.” Creationists on the other hand know this is an untruth. Once again, I admonish you as parents and teachers to stay informed and arm your children with material that will teach them the difference between truth and theory.

A scientist job is not to prove a theory is true. His job is to test the theory, look at the evidence, and to interpret data with unbiased eyes. Unfortunately it is difficult for this to happen in a fallen world. Because scientists fall into language such as “the evidence points to evolution” it is considered fact. Whereas, if pressed to admit that the evidence proves evolution without a doubt most scientists would agree this is an exaggeration. Yet, evolution has enjoyed its long sojourn as fact in the schools, public and private alike.

Happily I can report there are many intellectual scientists; many working at the Institute for Creation Research ( and Creation Studies Institute ( that have shown, again and again, that evolution is false. I am not a scientist; I am an educator and a concerned parent. I read many articles that refute evolution on websites such as ICR ( Only when we stand up and cry out to the Lord to give us the confidence, courage and intellect to do battle for Him will we be heard. Let’s join forces, you and I, as we teach a young generation of children that thosebelieving that God created the world, as He said in Genesis, are doing His will.

“My ears had heard you, but now my eyes have seen you.” Job 42:5

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