Darrin Clinton will be speaking on Creation Sunday [Feb 10] 2013 in Glendive, MT

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The Foundation Advancing Creation Truth[FACT] reports that Darrin Clinton, co-director of the Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum, will be speaking at their Creation Sunday Celebration 2013 on Feb 10, 2013 at the Dawson County High School auditorium.

More informationĀ is available at http://www.creationtruth.org/creation-sunday-celebration-2013

Creation Sunday Celebration in Glendive, MT with Dr. Jobe Martin


The Foundation Advancing Creation Truth [Fact] reports:

“Creation Sunday Celebration 2011 is slated for Sunday, February 13 from 3:30pm to 5:30pm at the Dawson County High School Auditorium. Dr. Jobe Martin will be our special guest! Dr. Martin is known for many things including the videos Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution. To check out more on Dr. Martin’s ministry go to www.BiblicalDiscipleship.org. Hope to see you at this years celebration!!”

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