Gary Bates will be speaking during Creation Weekend [Fri, Feb 8 & Sat, Feb 9] 2013 in Woodstock, GA

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Gary Bates, speaker for Creation Ministries International, will be speaking during Creation Weekend 2013 on Friday, Feb 8 & Saturday, Feb 9, 2013 at First Baptist Church Woodstock in Woodstock, GA.

More information is available at  http://creation.com/calendar?event=120315025302541794715O_us.

Gary Bates will be speaking during Creation Weekend [Feb 10 & 11] 2012 in Woodstock, GA

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Dr. Gary Bates will be speaking during Creation Weekend on Friday, Feb 10, 2012 and Saturday, Feb 11, 2010 during the Johnny Hunt Men’s Conference at First Baptist Woodstock in Woodstock, GA.

Gary Bates is the President and CEO of Creation Ministries (www.creation.com), International based in the Atlanta, Georgia area. CMI is an equipping ministry, and Gary and his accredited team of speakers minister at hundreds of events all over America each year. Gary has been speaking on the creation/evolution issue since 1990. Once a convinced evolutionist, the Creation message had a dramatic impact on Gary’s life. He is now a young-Earth creationist with a heart to communicate this life-changing information to the average ‘person in the street’. Gary is the author of his Amazon.com top 50 bestseller, Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection. As a leading Christian authority in this area, Gary has travelled extensively around the world, speaking and conducting literally hundreds of interviews on radio, television and various media. He is married to Frances (an experienced event manager for CMI) and they have four children.

Friday Night Topic: “It’s Creation … Not Confusion” – Gary’s powerful and fast-paced presentation will help us understand why the creation/evolution debate is not a side-issue for the church. The much publicized problems of youth leaving our church are crystallized in this presentation. We see that the mandated public religion of today is humanism, which means man can make up his own rules about life, and that the driving force behind this ideology is evolution. Simply, if there is no God, no Creator then one is free to choose his own moral standards. You will be encouraged and energized to hear there is no need for compromise and that there are answers. Gary will show you how the evidence for Creation and the Bible’s account of history!

Saturday Morning Topic: “UFOs, Alien and the Evolution Connection” – Gary’s book, Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection, is the only creation book to be an Amazon top 50 best-seller. He points out that life can only arise from one of two mechanisms: creation (as the Bible says) or evolution. Many believe in alien life due to evolutionism and themes popularized in science fiction. What about life on other planets? UFO sightings and experiences with alleged aliens? Are these real? Gary’s investigations have taken him all over the world to uncover a sinister agenda by spiritual forces that have deceived millions.

[Description from Johnny Hunt Men’s Conference website] 

More information is available at http://www.johnnyhuntmensconference.com.

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