Creation Weekend 2017 Celebration Locator

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  • Toluca de Lerdo – [Feb 10-12] w/ Joe Owen



If your church is not hosting a Creation Sunday celebration and you’d like to attend one this Feb. 12, 2017 in your area to show your support of the Biblical doctrine of Creation, feel free to browse this list of advertised celebrations. Simply click on the link to find out more about your event.

Please note that we also list events taking place for the whole of Creation Weekend 2017 [Feb 10-12]; however, if the event takes place on a day other than Creation Sunday [Feb 12], it will be specifically notated [ie – all events listed take place on Feb 12th unless otherwise indicated].

If you’re interested in adding your church to the list of Creation Sunday participants this year, send an email to creationletter@gmail.com with the following:

_____ Yes, I want to be part of Creation Weekend 2017. Please add me to the growing list of participants.


City, State (Country if not USA):

Your Name:”

Also be sure to visit our Facebook page at http://facebook.com/creationsunday

And visit http://eepurl.com/8x9XL to sign up to receive our monthly newsletter, Creation Sunday News


Check this page frequently, as new  Creation Sunday events are added as we become aware of them!

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